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I can’t say that I have spent my entire life behind a camera, because I haven’t. Photography is something that happened upon me in my mid twenties and was the creative outlet that I had been looking for.   At the time I had spent the better part of several years bouncing around in college, first wanting to do graphic design. then declared as an English major, but not really having my entire heart into it.  When photography did happen itself upon me I started out doing black and white film and learning the ever elusive tricks of the dark room.

Film eventually transitioned into the digital wave for me, and I started taking classes on photojournalism. I soon joined on with a wedding photographer as a second shooter, gaining more hands on experience as I learned from him his tricks while working weddings.  In 2011 I decided that I wanted to do more with photography, so I enrolled at Brooks Institute with the intent to pursue fashion photography.  I graduated from Brooks with a BFA in professional photography, where upon I relocated to Los Angeles and work as a freelance fashion and portrait photographer.

Henry David Thoreau said “Its not what you look at that matter, its what you see.” And so I live creatively now behind my camera, bringing to print the beauty that I see.